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online data backup service

online data backup service

Why People Don’t Backup?

→  They are too busy with their business
→  They’ll do it later
→  Their current backup system, tape, etc. is not functioning
→  They’ll fix it later
→  They don’t remember to do it
→  They don’t really expect to have a problem with data loss
→  It happens to other people, not them
→  They assume that someone else is doing the backup

Disaster Preparedness!

→  Make backups of all critical records such as accounting, employee data, customer lists, formulas, inventory
→  Keep a backup copy of computer’s operating system, boot files, and critical software.
→  Store a copy of all vital information on site, and a second copy off-site.
→  Make pre-arrangements with computer vendors to quickly replace vital hardware. Keep documentation of systems       offsite.
→  Surge protect all computer and phone equipment through power and phone lines.
→  Consider business interruption insurance.
→  Don’t assume that just because IT hasn’t happened before, that IT never will.